End of Season Gardening Tips

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End of Season Gardening Tips - Provided by eHow
At the end of the season, remove fallow plants in your garden to avoid pest control problems the next year. Learn how, plus get a great tip for organic garden pest control, in this free gardening video lesson. View Video Transcript

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When your garden is complete at the end of the season, you want to make sure and remove all your fallow plants because they attract grub worms, and beetles, and cut warms, and aphids, and you don’t want to increase the population of those pests in your garden. So when, after your plants have gone through their season and they’re starting to not produce anymore, you want to pull them up right away and put them in your compost heap. And, an old gardener gave me a great tip. You want to leave one of every type of plant - pull everything up except for one - and you’ll notice that within a week or so, you will get - it will become filled with aphids. And then start a fire in your garden, and take a sack - a big sack - put it over the plant very quickly so that the insects don’t escape, and then throw it in the fire. And that is a way - that is a major tip on keeping your pest population down in your garden.