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These are some of the herbs that I grow- this is thyme. I put in a new bed here, and this thyme has propagated. And what was one plant is now five plants. And what I want to do is open these plants up so they have a little more room to grow. And that’s part of their routine maintenance. So I’m going to dig up two of these plants and move them over to this part. So, to do that, I find where the roots are separate. Ok, I see we have three plants I can move. And I want to get the shovel right in there so I’m not cutting the root off. Ok, so I’ve got my shovel in between the roots of the two plants and I go straight down. And I want to disturb the roots as little as possible. Ok, and once I get that I’m going to bring it to this other part of the bed, and let me grab my little hand tool. And I think this is a good spot right here. So I’ll move the mulch to the side and dig down into the bed and put one thyme plant here. And you want to plant them to where the dirt comes right up to the top of the plant- right up to the top of the- before the branches go out. You can see where the dirt was, and you don’t want it to go above this line where it begins to branch out. So we’ll put one there, and we’ll put the other one here. Because each one of these will become five plants.