Flower Garden Ideas

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Flower gardens should consist of a variety of flowering plants, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, perennials, annuals and bulbs, in order to maintain color and texture throughout the year. Create variety in a flower garden with information from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about flower garden ideas. Now there are so many different types of flower gardens that you can create but my rule of thumb when you create your garden is to make sure that you have a combination of all types of flowering plants and your basis is going to be trees so you want magnolias or camellias or any type of trees that are going to give you lots of flowers and then next you want your bushes or your shrubs and azaleas are great for that or rhododendrons because they will be great flowering shrubs and then you can have all types of azaleas too that don't have foliage in the Winter time and then they come up with these great buds that will bloom in the Spring and through the Summer and then don't forget your flower bulbs, I love, these are hyacinths and tulips are great for your flower garden and they bloom in the Spring. So in the same area where you have your hyacinths and your tulips you want to make sure and put lilies and calla lilies and eucomis and tigridia and all types of unusual bulbs that will bloom in the Summer in the same area so you have color through the Summer in the same area and then don't forget plants like Cyclamen. They're great for your garden too and they give you lots of color and the foliage is always important too when you have your flower garden because foliage is what really is going to show when your flowers aren't in bloom and then different types of annuals like pansies are great to have in your flower beds because you have to replace them every year but they'll give you color through the Winter and all year during the Summer through the Fall. So by making a combination of trees, shrubs, flowers, perennials, annuals and bulbs that will come back every year you can have a succession of flowers in your flower garden and then that way you truly will have the most beautiful flower garden on the block.