How to Grow Lettuce in a Vegetable Garden

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. One of the vegetables that my mom found hardest to get in to make when I was a kid was lettuce, and there was a reason why. Moms served iceberg lettuce, plain old iceberg lettuce. It doesn't tasted like much taste kind of like cardboard but it wasn't later into life that I found that there are lettuces out there that I don't just like, I love a growing leaf lettuce in my garden has turned into one of the rewarding things that I do. Let's take a look at a couple of the different lettuces that we have. This is a red leaf lettuce right in front of it we have a green leaf lettuce these are easy, but they short side is there are also short and they come out of your garden pretty quickly. Now these plants are young but eventually they are going to bulk up and you would see they start to rise and develop a stock in the middle that means your lettuce plant is just about passed. Keep snapping that bolted out stick and you would help keep this near leaf coming for longer but eventually when they bulk you are going to have to take them out of the garden and reestablish new leaf lettuce. So remember we got these planted now but they would probably means it is time to start new seeds or you would have a back up crop coming in when these guys bulk out. Now there is another type of lettuce that I have discover and frankly a lot of the culinary world has discover and this is the good old mesclun mix you could pick this up now in a lot of different garden center is just that a mix of lettuces like we have here and I got all sort of different types in here there is butters, there is radicchio, there is firm leaf types it offer a lot of different flavors in your salads. It is really easy for it to grow these guys don't build as quickly as the leaf type in fact many of them are going to go right through season for me and it is going to make everybody think that you are really a cavernous when you serve a salad with mesclun mix you grew in your own garden.