Why Does Bird Seed Grow Grass?

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Why Does Bird Seed Grow Grass? - Provided by eHow
Bird seed grows grass because it often contains millet, which is a type of grass that will sprout when dropped into the ground. Avoid growing grass from bird seed by microwaving it before giving it to birds and using tips from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about why does birdseed grow grass? Well, before we talk about that I want to talk a little bit about my attitude about feeding wild animals. Well, I've got a lot of plants, and seeds, and wildflowers on my property that give birds lots of food, so I don't give em' any birdseed, and I think that we shouldn't be feeding our wild animals. I don't personally feed my birds any birdseed because there's so much food on my property for them to gain naturally, and I think, from my own experience, if you give wild animals food then you're stopping their natural process. And there's so much food out in the wild for them you don't want them to stop doing what naturally what, you don't want them to stop doing what comes naturally. So, if you've got birdseed on your property, and the mom's get the birdseed there and they feed it to the babies the babies never learn to go out and get seeds on their own, so you don't want to stop that process. If you do give your birds birdseed, and you look at the ingredients you'll find that many of the birdseeds have millet. Well, millet is a kind of grass, and when the birds eat the birdseed they drop some on the ground and then it sprouts the grass. So, the only way that you can stop that from happening is to buy different types of birdseeds that don't have grass in em; that have sunflowers. But then you've got sunflowers coming up. But a easy trick too is just pop your birdseed in a glass container in the microwave and microwave it for a couple minutes, or and mix it up and microwave it for a couple minutes longer, and then put it in your containers and it will kill the seeds so that they won't produce any grass. So, if you are using birdseed in your feeders just microwave it and it won't grow grass, or select different type of birdseed that doesn't have grass in it.