Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

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Growing your own indoor herb garden: Learn how to make a basic herb garden in this free gardening video series, with tips for herb selection, soil preparation, and plant maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga. I'm representing, and I'm going to guide you how to create your own indoor herb garden. Don't be a intimidated; just because you don't have a yard doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your herbs inside, just because you're in a townhome or in an apartment... even if you have a home, you might have a small yard; don't worry, these are some of the pots that you could utilize. This one particularly would be fantastic for rosemary, because rosemary just take up like a little tree, so this would be perfect. Now, when it comes to aloe, a smaller one will work. Now if you are going to start with the seeds, the small little pots are fantastic for that. But of course, nowadays you can even buy the little box container; it contains everything that you need there. Now if you have a great window this will work. One thing to take in consideration is how much growth—cause you know you got to space them out—are they are going to take off like mint? One mint will take care of it; and before you know it, the entire month you could have a full bed. Now if you really want to go extravagant, this will do the work. A terrarium will be great, you could put some chives in here; and of course it is going to have this ventilation. Remember, ventilation is very important for the plants. And this is how we create an indoor herb garden.