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Gardening tools include shovels, spades, rakes, loppers, bulb diggers, weed burners and plows. Collect a variety of tools to help maintain a garden with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on lawn care and gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk all about gardening tools. Now if you are a gardener the tools of your trade are very important. Because without a shovel it's very difficult to dig in the dirt with your hands alone. So probably my most important tool that I have is my shovel. And I've got spades which are flat and the shovel which has a sharp end and they are both really easy to use and important. And when I'm digging something up that's really easy to dig up and I don't need to dig or cut into it too much I have found that the spade works really well. Where as the shovel if you are really digging or cutting into roots then the shovel is your best bet. Now there's different types of rakes. Rakes are really important. Metal ones are great because they don't break. I've gone through so many plastic rakes cause they break real easily. They are really good for raking up leaves. So they are great in that respect. Now when you are trimming or you can't reach quite, a loper is the best thing you can use. It's a trimmer. So when you are trimming hedges or trees and you can't quite reach, the loper is a really good choice. Now when I am digging up, or digging my bulbs, or planting, this is a bulb digger. And you can just turn it and then it digs up the dirt and you can plant a bulb right there or you can use just a little tiny shovel and this works really well. But they are really important. Now one of my favorite tools is my weed burner. And so it's just a propane tank with a burner hooked on. And so if you want to burn the weeds in the driveway or taking on blackberries, the weed burner is where it's at. Because it really does the job. So having a pickax is really good too if you are trying a root out or if you are trying to cut down branches just a little hand saw works really well. My little children's shovel works good if you want small plants to get out, it's just perfect. And when you are just trying to dig up different weeds or dig into the dirt a little plow works really well too. So a plow is also a good choice. So there's so many tools that you can use in the garden and another indispensable tool that I have is my sprayer for my hose. And it mists or it's a shower and it's great when you want different types of spray with your hose. There's endless options when it comes to tools, but these basic tools are the ones that I use the most and that I count on in my garden.