Using Mulch Around Trees

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Using Mulch Around Trees - Provided by eHow
Spread mulch around trees thinner than three to four inches and keep mulch from touching tree bark. Learn to use mulch around trees from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Mulching trees is very, very easy. Once again, you're going to pick the mulch of your choice, whether it is a pine bark mulch, a hardwood mulch, or a pine strong mulch. All of these work equally well for mulching around trees. In this particular case I'm using pine bark fines which we purchase in bulk, but you can buy it in bags, and if you were going to mulch this with bag mulch you would just bring the bag right to the bottom of the three. So I'm just going to make a small pile of my mulch here. And then I'm going to use my rake to just spread it around the base of the tree. You never want to put more than a, three to four inches of mulch around a tree. And it's also very, very important not to ever pile mulch up at the base of a tree. If you see a tree that looks like it's erupting out of a volcano of mulch, you've put too much on your tree. You want to make sure that the bark isn't, or the mulch isn't touching the bark of the tree at the base, because it can actually cause the tree trunk to begin to decay. It can allow entry for disease and insects. You can see around this tree we have a nice, big mulch ring that encompasses where the, the tree's roots are actively growing. In this particular circumstance we don't want the turf grass to be competing with our tree for water and other nutrients.