Cactus and Succulent Plant GardeningTools

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Learn about the tools you'll need to care for your cactus or succulent plant with tips from an expert in this free gardening clip. View Video Transcript

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OK, the type of tools we would typically use to cut some of these plants, I have here. Probably what would be the most practical is just a knife, I have some big clippers here that if we had something really of a big caliber to cut. I have little cutting scissors that you can get at a sewing store, these are a really nice tool for propagation, or just regular old kitchen scissors, those will work, too. Now, we have to keep all our tools clean and sanitized because we don't want to spread diseases to our plants, so there's a few methods we could use. First, stick some water, we add a little bit of bleach or another disinfectant , like a 10% solution, you can just wash our cutting tools, give them a good scrub. You can use a scrub brush, too. You could just leave it soak for a little bit, keep all of these nice and clean, and then our knife, alright. Then, when I'm done with this I would rinse it with water because the plants, they don't really like the disinfectant so we don't want to burn the plants so we give them all a quick rinse. So, just rinse our hands off and we're ready to go and our tools are clean.