Using Mulch in Landscaping

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Using Mulch in Landscaping - Provided by eHow
Spread piles of mulch with a hard rake to cover areas at the desire depth. Learn to use mulch for landscaping from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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When you're ready to start mulching your landscaped bed, such as this one. It's going to be very important to start by first getting your mulch to your location. In this case, I'm using bulk mulch, so I've moved it here in this big black bucket. But, you could also use a wheelbarrow, or if you're using bag mulch, you could just lay your bags out where you want them to go. In this particular case I'm going to make the work a little bit easier on myself and I'm just going to dump the mulch out in small piles. I'm just going to use a hard rake to spread the mulch around in a nice, even layer. If you're mulching in an area that has a lot of annuals, you'll probably only want to use between an inch or two of mulch. So, you can see that by raking it, I'm just giving it a very nice, smooth, clean appearance and around these small plants, I'm actually just going to spread the mulch right up to the base with my, with my hands.