Selecting Potting Soil for Growing Alligator Jaw Plants

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How to select potting soil for growing Alligator Jaw plants; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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To propagate this succulent on the alligator jaw, you are going to need potting soil and something to put the potting soil in so that you can put your cuttings in in order to grow them out. I have two different types of potting soil to demonstrate. This one here is a pure organic. It has vermiculite in it and it has absolutely no soil. This is your more expensive because it is made from pure compost, peat most, vermiculite and things like that. It is a more expensive kind and generally speaking it is better because it is lighter. This particular potting soil has actual dirt, sand. It does have compost but no vermiculite and this is going to be a lot heavier. Especially in house plants it is something to consider how heavy your final pot is going to be with your plant growing in it. You know if it weighs a ton, it is going to be hard to move in and out of the house and may not get the best of care or the right kind of sunlight and all that kind of things because it is a chore to move it.