How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn

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Level uneven spots in a lawn by putting down a mixture of sand and compost, raking the area until it is level and allowing the area to settle for awhile. Repeat the process of raking and settling several times until the lawn is level. Get tips on the... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. We're going to look at how to level out uneven spots in the lawn. Simple tools you'll need, a nice square point shovel. And what I refer to as the garden rake. Some people call it a bow rake. What material that we use for this is a mixture of sand and compost. It's actually 50/50, 50 percent compost, 50 percent sand. And it's the orange sand because the orange sand's got a little bit of nutrient value. It's finer and it does some things for you in addition to just being sand and clumping up. Well what this does together is it helps to flow into the spots that are uneven and then as you rake it across you tend to bring it up, and get it nice and level. What we would do is we will put this out now, rake it, get it level. Let it sit for a while and things will settle. We would come back later, do the dame process but this time using a good top soil. Not the stuff you get in bags but some top soil from one of your nurseries or dirt suppliers, soil suppliers. We would do the same thing, rake it out, get it level, let it sit. Coming back a third time and again the same process but using just a compost to put across the area. By doing it this way we're filling it in, getting it level, putting enough material down so when it settle it's not going to settle down into then uneven areas again. And we're also adding soil in nutrient value from the compost to get a fertile area in the place that once was un-level.