How to Mix Soil for House Plants

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Next, we need to fill our pot. We've picked our pot and we have our soil. I'm going to add some soil. Its quite the big hole in the pot. I think maybe we'll add some pot tar to the bottom of it because I don't want the soil coming out the bottom. This leaves a little more room for water to get through. I found this old pot. It was cracked so I smashed it. We can do the same just watch your eyes. It would work better if we had a hammer. Just take all these pieces, throw them in the bottom of the pot. Probably even use this big one. That's probably enough. See I left it loose over the top. These little ones are going to fall through so the big one's on top. Now we're going to start adding some soil. I'm not going to fill it up all the way because I'm going to put the plant in and then we'll add the soil around it. Probably for now that's enough.