How Plants Grow in Soil

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Roots of plants move and search for nutrients in the soil. Learn more about how plants grow underground in this free gardening video about how to use organic fertilizers on plants. View Video Transcript

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Now we're going to talk about how plants actually grow in the soil. A seed gets planted. If the soil is moist, if the soil is rich, if there is oxygen in the soil, the seed will be surrounded by those things, and eventually have the ability to suck in water, and start to grow, and actually start to put growth out. But in the soil, down in, underneath, where the roots are, the roots need to search out fertilizers. They need to search out nutrients to create what we see, and what we normally relate to as a plant. But as you can see, half the plant is happening below ground. The other part is just above ground. The roots move through the soil, searching out nutrients, and release acids. Those acids dissolve the elements in their proximity. All of these things in the soil that we are trying to create naturally are then sucked into the plant, processed. This is what's going on in the soil; the plant's the roots are moving through, a network of energy that is picking up exactly what it needs. If our soils are healthy and organic, the plants are going to be healthy and organic. All of their systems are going to be supported, not just fruit, not just flowers, but systems, the leaves, the stems, immune systems, all of those things that are part of a healthy living organism that we call a plant.