Tips for Using Clay Pots for Garden Plants

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Hi my name is Peggy Robertson on behalf of Expert I am here to do a clip about clay pots. Clay pots have been around for years. A good clay pot will be round and no chips, no cracks on the sides and will have a nice clean hole in the bottom for drainage which is very important. A clay pot is porous. When you use a clay pot you should submerge it in water so that it absorbs water for about a half-hour. If you don’t do so, when you take and put your plant in it and it is moist soiled, the pot will take all of that moisture out of the soil for itself and your plant will go into stress. Now clay pots come in plain standard which is deep as it is wide at the top and they also come in decorative with patterns on the side and they also come in the very big sizes for plants. This one has these footings which are very important because you want the air to get under the pot to breathe to keep the bottom of the pot from getting all white and moist and moldy. Especially if you have it on a patio or porch. If you have it in your house, you will want to use a saucer to collect all of the water that drains through when you water your plant. It is a good thing that it drains because then your plant won’t drown. Now besides clay pots there is a similar type of a pot that is coated. This started out as a clay pot and then they coated it on the outside and the inside with porcelain like substance or glaze. You will notice it still has the hole in the bottom and it still has a saucer that comes with it. It is not however porous so you have to be careful when you water your plant in these types of pots because they can collect too much water.