Using Soil on Salvia Plants

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Using Soil on Salvia Plants - Provided by eHow
You have to use the same soil that the Salvia came in to protect their roots. Learn more about Salvia soil conditions in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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It's very important to use the soil that was there before. Because when you dig the hole and fill it up with a different soil the roots don't want to go in the other one so the plant would stay like in a pot. And you want the root system to spread because when it gets really dry the root system is able to take the little moisture that's there and work with it. So I'll fill up the hole again. The bigger rocks I'll take out and pressing it down so it has contact with the soil. Okay. And again I'll put a little, just a little trench around it so that when I water the water stays where I want it. And you might say Oh it looks still too high but it will settle, you can be sure about that.