How to Plant a Cut-Flower Garden

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A cut flowerbed is easy to grow and should include mixed flowers for every different season. Plant a cut-flower garden for use in the summer through the fall with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on planting flowers and gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda, from In this segment, we're going to discuss how to plant a cut flower bed. Now, we all love cut flowers in our house, and we spend a lot of money at the grocery store and the farmers' markets on cut flowers because it's so beautiful to have 'em in your house. But they're easy to grow too. So always set aside an area in your garden for cut flowers. And make sure, if it's just a mixed flower bed, to have color in the spring, summer, and fall, so mix it all up, so that you have color and you can cut out of it every season. So in the spring, make sure and have tulips and daffodils, and then late spring, some irises, and some large white callas; into the summer where you have lots of lilies, and even into the fall where you have dahlias, where I have my dahlias that I've been cutting out of since probably the end of June. So I get a dollar a stem for them, and I've cut at least 300, 400 stems out of here this summer since June. And it's not a big bed; that's the part that amazes me, is that when you grow cut flowers whether it's for your own enjoyment or for profits, it's really easy to do. And for me, it's the bulbs. I'm just growing them cause I want the bulbs to multiply and then I'll sell the bulbs as well. So it's a bonus - the cut flowers are a bonus to me. So I always plant my bulbs at least three inches deep, or pretty much any cut flowers. You can also start 'em from seed; just barely cover 'em up when you plant 'em. And you can grow cut flowers summer through fall, and even in the spring you can have tulips and daffodils. So make sure when you do start your gardens, set aside an area for flowers, and cut flowers specifically, and do your research. Go on the internet, or go to a florist's shop, or even select your favorite plants or your favorite flowers that you were had in your wedding bouquet, cause it means a lot when you see 'em in bloom in the summertime and it reminds you of that special day, whether it was a wedding day, or even a day at your Grandma's house when you were five years old. So go out there and plant a bunch of different plants that have nice fragrances and nice color and make great cut flowers, and you'll enjoy it for lots and lots of years.