How to Saturate Soil for House Plants

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All right here is a nice healthy plant. How do I know when to water it. This one we are not looking at the plant. We are looking at the soil and you can see the soil is very saturated with water. So I am guessing it will be fine for a couple days without any water at all. Another way if you are not sure about if this plant needs water or not, pick up your plant. See how much it weighs. It is very heavy so when it is full of water it gets to be quite heavy so therefore I know. I'm not sure especially here I have a lot of pots up in the air. I just go and tap them to see how heavy they are and that will tell me a lto about how much water is in the pot. If I continue watering this plant, if I water it again today, I think it wouldn't be very forgiving about it. It's got these little light leaves and I think it would get root rot pretty easily. I's start seeing some fungus, some leaves falling off and dropping and getting ___ which is a fungal disease so I am not going to water this plant for a few days. I am just going to leave it alone.