Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

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When gardening vegetables as a beginner, concentrate on a high-quality soil that is rich in pearlite, peat and nutrients, which will encourage healthier vegetables. Begin a small vegetable garden after gather all the necessary supplies with advice from... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. We're at Willow Tree Nursery in St. Petersburg, Florida. Gardening for the beginner, what do you need? Well you might want to A, get some hand tools to start off the garden with and you might also want something as simple as a watering can because you're going to have to make sure that it remember, the little seedling starts to dry, well it dies. So you need to make sure you keep everything moist and healthy. Also when you start off for a beginning gardener, I'd improve the soil, some black cow cow manure, add some peat moss, add some compost, improve your soil. I used to joke and say hey, you make a 10 dollar soil for your 5 dollar plant and that's not really too bad because you really want to improve it. If you're going to have a raised garden like we've got back here, well you want something up off the ground that kind of helps add in a lot of artificial soil. Something with a lot of peat, a lot of pearlite, basically you're going to go out of your native sand or your native soil. If you've got a heavy clay, or a heavy sand, it may be a bit of a problem. So lighten it up, get up out of the garden, maybe use some raised boxes like earth boxes, improve your soil, make a 10 dollar soil for your 5 dollar plant as we mentioned earlier. Make sure you've got some hand tools to work with, probably go ahead and buy from your local nursery some little starter plants. They may be in little four inch packs or maybe they're going to be in little four inch seed packs together or start from seed. Seed is the most difficult but it also is probably the most economical way to do it. For ask, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.