Harvesting Organic Parsley

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It's important to place organic parsley in clean water as you begin your harvest. Learn some other useful tips for harvesting from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now we've mulched the bed in. We've seeded it, we mulched it, we weeded it, we even did some thinning and now we're going to harvest some for the table. While I'm harvesting, whenever I see a big weed I always like to go after it inside the garden here, so we're going to get that big weed out of there. Now, with the parsley, we want to make sure that we get some health parsley. We don't want any parsley that doesn't look healthy. We want to pick out all the bad, bad pieces while we're getting the good pieces. I like to go in and pick the young, young tender ones and we have a bucket here with some water in it. And this keeps the parsley nice and fresh as I'm picking. Here we have a parsley that is changing a little bit. As you can see, the leaves look a little different. This particular plant here is throwing up a stem and is going to seed. That's because I planted this parsley in the fall of last year and parsley is usually a two year plant, where you plant it in the spring; you have parsley all spring, and all winter and all the next year into the spring of the next year. So parsley plant's a great plant because you're able to harvest it for a long time. We continue to get these little, little ones. It's not just for a garnish on your, around your potatoes; it's a great of source of food in the salad.