How to Reproduce Roses

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Reproducing roses means cutting the base at a 45-degree angle, and new roses should be grafted or grown into a good, sterile soil. Stick the trimmed base of a rose into good soil with help from an urban horticulturist and gardening adviser in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Alright so you want to grow some of your own roses. Now it is possible to go in and take this piece off as we've done, cut about a forty five degree angle on the base. And stick it into a good soil and you probably can get it to root and it will grow ok on it's own root stock in most cases. Most miniatures are grown this way and a lot of the climbers are grown this way. But most of our hybrid teas, and a lot of our floribundus are going to be grafted like we have on this stem here. What we have is a scion, a piece of the rose that we liked and it's grafted on to our root stock. And often the root stock is maybe not that pretty. But it's hardy. It may impart cold hardiness or it may impart better flowering or more disease or nematode resistance. That's one of the reasons that the majority of your hybrid teas or your grafted roses that may be on the different types of root stocks and there's a bunch of them. Doctor Huey is one that's often used and you'll also find Fortiana is used sometimes too. Either rose makes sure it's grafted or grow it into a good sterile soil and keep it in that sterile soil for the whole lifetime of the rose. For I'm Stan DeFreitas.