Soil Preparation: Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips & Ideas

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Soil preparation. What is soil preparation? Well basically what it is, it's that we need our soil to be rich and ready for our work vegetable garden. Well if you are going to go the traditional vegetable garden planting, all we need is mix some of this potting soil into the regular soil. We are just going to incorporate it all together, enrich the soil. Also I was lucky enough to have a little recycling today, this is left from a old pot that I had. So we are going to break this apart, you break it apart, it is going to have all the nutrients it is going to be perfect for vegetable garden. We will get rid of all those, look at all these dead roots right here; we don't need those. Just pour it all out and once your are done with that of course what we needs is our top soil just be gentle with that. Tons of it, there we go just mix don't be afraid just incorporated everywhere you got to do this with the entire vegetable garden. Don't forget that you got to use your top soil; just be generous everywhere tons of it we need tons of it. There we go just mix it up, mix it up completely. If you need some more just go ahead and do that. We got to cover the entire bed the front and the back. You want a organic vegetable garden, well you need to dig in for at least 4 ½ inches deep remove all that top soil and you got to fill it in with all organic if you want to stay into your organic vegetable garden. This is how we improve our top soil for our vegetable garden.