How to Plant a Garden Bed

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Planting a garden bed can be done in a small area on a porch or on a large plot of land, but variety is key to create a visually pleasing design. Use trees, bushes, plants and flowers in a garden bed with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant a garden bed. Now a garden can be anywhere, you can have just a small two foot by two foot section of a patio or you can have large acreage or you can have a nice bed right in front of your house. But the key to planting a garden bed is variety. You want trees as your main focal points if you have a larger bed, if you live in a small area then don't even bother with trees. Then you want some shrubs because the shrubs too will balance everything out. So first the trees then you want shrubs and then some grasses. Grasses are always really pretty too. And then don't forget to have color every season of the year. So even in the winter when there's not a lot of color, you can still love the fact that in the spring and the summer you will have lots of color. So by having tulips and daffodils in the spring and lilies and calla lilies in the summer, you can enjoy color for many, many months. And don't forget some garden art. By just having a few statues in your garden it just adds so much enjoyment and so when you're planning a garden bed, really make diversity your issue. You can mix flowers with herbs and vegetables and you can have really exotic plants next to native ferns and they're all beautiful together. But it is your garden bed, so if you're into herbs alone just grow herbs. If you're into flowers then just have flowers. And if you want a variety then have a variety. Because remember your garden is all about you and you're inviting all the plants to your party so as long as you mix and match them and always put groups of three or more in one area, you will find that you will have a beautiful garden bed and remember it is about change and nothing is forever so you're going to constantly be changing your plants out and in and it will never look the same from year to year and that is the joy of gardening.