How to Weed your Garden

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing Well we are halfway into our project and we are cleaning up the yard. As you can see, it is hot and sunny right now but it is okay with me because I love the sun. If you are little bit afraid of the sun, don't worry. Get yourself a cap, get some hand lotion, not hand lotion but some sun protector all over and be ready for this task. Another thing, plenty of water. You've got to survive this heat. We've got to remove all those weeds that are not letting our flowers grow. What do we need? We are going to need this shovel. What we are going to do is concentrate, loosening up the soil, pull out the weeds completely because that weed has got to be killed. It has to be destroyed. Just get into the habit of doing it once a week or so. Basically what we want to do here is clean our flower bed from any weeds. What happens you let the weeds go in the flower bed and all that root system is not going to let our plants grow so we don't want that. What I recommend is don't water your lawn one day before this test. It's not that I am afraid of the dirt, it is just much easier when you use your shovel. You just go and concentrate on the root system and that we get it completely and pull it out. Do this at least once a week so that we can maintain our flower bed clean for weeds and the other thing that you can do is purchase a weed killer. Just follow the directions and you will be fine. I prefer personally prefer to test it with my own hands and just deal with it. So let's go and start out little test. Just remove all the weeds as much as possible. Just remove the soil here and loosen it up and this is what I am talking about. Get all the roots. Get them out. We don't want them to destroy our beautiful flower bed. You do this for your flower bed or around your trees do the same. And this is how we weed our garden.