How to Choose Plants for a Moon Garden

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen, on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we are talking about moon gardening and in this segment, we are going to talk about how to choose the right plants for your moon garden. The first thing that I do when I start my plans for my moon garden: I have to decide how big are they going to get. If you have a large garden, big plants are great. If you have a smaller garden, you are only going to go with small plants. It's so easy to go to your farmer's market or garden center or store and talk to the expert there too, and they will help you select which plants that are not going to get too big for you. So, when I'm selecting plants for my moon garden, I always keep in mind "what is it going to look like in the moonlight?" Is it white? Is it cream colored? Has it got silver? Has it got any type of pearl, because that really shows up in the moonlight (or artificial lighting as well). Also, is it veregated. Any type of the plants that have the striped foliage or have a texture to them look really good under the moonlight. So, it's pretty simple when I'm selecting plants. It's like throwing a party, too. I just plant a bunch of different plants in an area. If one gets too big, I move it out. If one gets too small and wimpy, then I move it again. So, moon gardening is about change, too. So, when selecting your plants, just go to the nursery or go to the market or go online and pick all of the plants that you think would look good for a moon garden (that have white flowers or white foliage or silver foliage) and go for it. So, when you are choosing your flowers and plants for your moon garden, take into account the time of year they will bloom, too. So, you will have some combination; you'll have some spring, summer, winter and fall coloration in your garden. So, make sure you have some spring, summer, winter and fall plants in your yard. Next, we talk about how important it is to have fragrance in your moon garden.