How To Choose An Organic Garden Site

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Choose the best site to plant your organic garden; learn how and get tips on what to look for in a garden site, such as size, sun and drainage, in this free gardening video lesson. View Video Transcript

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This is my organic garden, and I chose this site for my garden because I live in a residential area with a big yard, and this side of the house was a perfect area, the perfect size for a garden for me. You want to create a garden that is manageable for you. And I like to spend a lot of time in my garden, so my garden has three tiers that go down the hill. Each of these tiers is built up on each level with a row or rocks, so it’s three distinct levels, so we call it the upper garden, the middle garden, and the lower garden.

You want your garden site to have lots of sun. right now, we have this looming apricot tree that is becoming somewhat of a problem. And we pruned it back a lot this year, and it came out even twice as big. So, I don’t know what we’re going to do about that. Apricots are broccoli, right?

So, the other thing about this site is it has good drainage. You want to be sure that your garden- fruit trees, plants of any kind- have good drainage. And then, I just like it being right here by the backyard. It’s easy to come out from the kitchen, pick herbs, pick vegetables, and our compost heap is right next to the garden so we can put the scraps there from the kitchen and get the compost out of the heap for the garden, so it’s all right here, very easily accessible.