How to Start Composting in a Garden

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Starting a compost pile for the garden is easy by gathering up dying plants, leaves and grass clippings, placing them all in a garbage can and mixing it up occasionally as it breaks down. Create rich, nutrient-filled compost for next year's garden with... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, I'm going to talk about, how to start composting in a garden. Now, composting is very basic, and if you're not cleaning up your plants, or you're not removing the dead leaves in the fall, you're actually composting,because nature intended for the leaves to fall, and the plants to die, and then the foliage to die back over the winter, and turn into soil, and to give them nutrition for the next year, so an easy way to start composting in a garden, is every time you cut out any of your dead leaves or branches, or flowers, or leaves, or even if you mow your lawn and you have grass, instead of throwing it away, just start a compost pile, or even use a bucket, or a garbage can, and just put everything in there. Make sure and mix the greens with the browns, that's always the rule, and if you only have the green, which is grass clippings, and types of live foliage, then you can always mix it with newspaper, shredded newspapers, or you can mix it with any type of dried leaves, and so you want to mix up green and browns together, and you constantly want to stir it up, and you can even add a little bit of water here and there, if it's too dry, and that way, you can start your own compost bin, and you can turn around, and the best time to lay out your compost I have found, is to, in the fall, when everything is died back, just cover it all up, with the clippings from the garden itself, and then use your compost from your compost pile, or your garbage can, and put a layer over everything, and then that way over the winter, it will break down, and you'll have great soil for the next year.