Prepare Soil for Seed Planting

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Prepare Soil for Seed Planting - Provided by eHow
Prep soil with water, sunlight, irrigation and any other elements that will let your soon-to-be plants thrive. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Doug Smiddy of Smiddy's Gardening Services here on behalf of Today we are here to talk about starting your plants from seeds. Okay so before we put the soil in the container we want to start with it moist so the seed is introduce to a nice moist environment. What I do is just take the soil and throw it in the bucket and it is always a guess on how much you are going to need. Better to put to much in then not enough. So you throw it in the bucket, add a little water, and you mix it up and you don't want to get it to wet and I would show you in a minute about the consistency that we want. And it is messy to. Get it good and moist, stir it up pretty well. Now what you want to do is grab a hand full of it and squeeze it and you notice how no water came out and that is how you want it. If water does drip out add a little more soil to it to even it out and you can break it apart very gently with your fingers like that. When it is in that consistency you are ready to plant your seeds.