How to Grow Grass in a Pot

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Grow grass in a pot by placing gravel or sticks at the bottom of a pot, adding soil and then grass, so that there is a lot of drainage available. Use decorative grasses, such as bamboo, mondo grass or flax, to bring the outdoors inside with tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to grow grass in a pot. Well we all know about the grass that is in our garden and you could actually just dig up some of the grass out of your garden and put it in a container and you could grow it as a house plant or grow it on your deck as well but there is lots of ornamental grasses that I love that are easy to grow. Here is just a few of them. Bamboo is actually a grass and it grows just like a grass. It just has bed of roots and then a growth. So this is a running bamboo so you never want to put that directly in the ground but it loves being in containers and in a lot of places it will grow as a house plant too as long as it doesn't get too dry just keep it wet. Mondo grass is from Japan and it is actually really a beautiful plant and it is not a true plant but it grows just like grass and it has just a little root that kind of a little tip on it and as long as that has good drainage and some sun it will grow in a pot as well. Feather grass, I love this. It is so frilly and it is soft and it is in the Fall so it is dying back a little bit but it is a great addition to your garden so there is lots of different grasses. This is a flax from New Zealand so it is actually grass. It is beautiful. It does great in your garden and it is easy to grow. When you are growing these types of grasses in pots just remember that drainage is the key. They don't want to sit in water ever so a lot of times adding some gravel or compost or potting soil or sticks or moss to the bottom of the pot gives it more drainage and that helps a lot. So when I am planting some grass, this is just a little bit of flax that has got just a root and a little bit of grass and you can divide it out even more as long as you have root and stem you can have a new plant. So all I would do is just put a little bit of dirt over the gravel and put my grass right into that dirt and then cover it up again so that it is almost to the top. I don't like to go to the very top of my pot. It is better to stop at the rim or give it a couple of inches so that way when you water it it doesn't soak all the way, it doesn't over flow and it soaks to the bottom easier. So that is about all there is to planting grass.