Digging the Holes: Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips & Ideas

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing expertvillage.com. Well we got to the point where we need to dig the hole for our vegetable garden. You need to be familiar with your vegetables. Why? Because it is going to depend on the size of what we need for the digging, it is very important. For this particularly area since we are using seed, what we need to do is we are going to start right here in this corner, get a little shovel, just go around all round. What you create in here is a separation from the concrete and the soil. Now 2 inches on the side rolled into the front. You see how we are doing this. Now here on the side can you see how pretty it is. We are creating like a little fountain, underneath is like a dam. What that is going to do the sides are going to hold all the water on the top of the center row, that is where we are going to plant all the seeds. The seed is still going to be able to get the water that it needs for these roots system. Another thing that you could do you could utilize those lower dams by planting a, for example cucumbers, cucumbers are more like a ground cover so that will be perfect there 2 plants for one. Let's do the other row and let me show you once again how we tackle this. Just get your shovel, there we go all the way to the front. You see we stick, we pull, and we are trying to create our row, we do the same thing over here on the wall. There we go. There we go just work it out. I'm telling you ain't this a beauty. Now what we need to do I'm going to be transplanting 4 peppers that I have over there, because they are not doing well they are getting to much sun. As you can see behind me there is some trees, so hopefully we be able to balance that out so let's dig some of these holes. We need 4 of them remember. So how deep? 3 inches at least, 2 there we go, 3 and 4 and we are just going to dig a little more and this is how we dig our holes for our vegetable.