How to Care for & Maintain Flower Bulbs for House Plants

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. This next segment, we will talk all about using flower bulbs as house plants and it's really quite simple. It's really easy to force flower bulbs to bloom inside. You don't have to do it just in the winter time. I've found there's a lot of different plants that you can dig up out of your garden and put inside and they will bloom. This daffodil is really easy to force inside. I just have a rose vase. I've filled it with marbles and water and I am just sitting the bulb on top. I'm making sure that the roots are very wet and that the very bottom of the bulb is wet, but the rest of the bulb is dry. It's easy to look and see when I need to water it. It's right on my windowsill by my kitchen. So whenever the water level goes down a bit, I just add a little bit of water. It's going to come up and grow and bloom in four to six weeks. It's just a beautiful thing to do. There are so many ways that you can grow bulbs inside and this is really a simple way. It's just a little child's toy actually, they were cups that stick together. I've added some legos to them and I've stuck an Iris bulb into the container and it's grown and bloomed (like, in three weeks) inside the house. It's an early, early, spring bloomer. So, it's just a really easy way to grow bulbs indoors. There are a lot of unusual bulbs that you can grow inside as well. This is called Scilla Peruviana or Cuban Lily and it grows big blue flowers that look like an agapanthus or Lily of the Nile or Allium. Generally, outside, it blooms in April or May, but I've planted it inside in a container,just in regular soil and I'm putting it in my living room under a lamp and it's grown a lot in a period of time. I'm sure I'll get blooms inside before April. Just another easy way to grow bulbs inside. Flower bulbs make great house plants and there's so much you can experiment with and it's just a very exciting thing to do. But, bulbs aren't the only plants that make great house plants. In the next segment, we'll talk about unique plants as house plants.