When to Add Organic Fertilizer

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While most of us add fertilizer in the spring, it can be different for the indoor gardener. Learn how to identify that your plants need fertilizer in this free gardening video about how to use organic fertilizers on plants. View Video Transcript

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In this clip we're going to talk about when would be really the best time to apply your organic fertilizers. Now in the natural world we always think about spring time as the start of growth and the time when plants are needing their nutrients the most but some of us involved in organic farming are doing things in inside, in greenhouses and in different parts of the country where spring is not so obvious. The general rule of thumb is plants are starting to use their organic fertilizers when the leaves are about half size. This apple tree right here is a perfect example of that. These leaves are half grown and at this time they're going to be sucking in nitrogen and phosphorous and potassium to develop to their full potential. Nitrogen remember, we never want to use in cold weather. It will burn your plants and actually can kill them. So it's all about timing with organic fertilizers. If we're dealing with a tomato plant we know this life cycle is over in one year. It's critical that the fertilizers get in to this plant early in the life cycle of the plant. If we're talking about a tree in your orchard, we have a more permanent plant in the ecosystem that needs fertilizing throughout the season and again late in the season because its roots are growing all winter long. If we're talking about flowers and say we want to get them ready for Mother's Day, it's all about timing. Getting the nutrients to the plant when it's most desirable for that plant to use.