Types of Plants Recommended to Prevent Soil Erosion

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Plants that can help prevent soil erosion are those with thick, extensive roots that are not invasive, such as juniper trees, azalea trees and ferns. Use non-invasive plants to keep a hillside from sliding with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about the types of plants recommended to prevent soil erosion. Now soil erosion occurs when there's a big hill that's not natural and or it could be natural and the soil falls off of it. So the first thing you can do to stop soil erosion even before you deal with the plant issue is either put netting along the whole hillside or even by adding some mulch on the hillside and making it a little more even, that helps a lot as well. And you can also grow any type of juniper tree or rhodendendrum trees or azalea trees, any smaller bush type trees are great as well. Now anything with lots of roots that's not invasive works well. Agapanthus or lily of the Nile, red hot pokers are really, really good. Filipendula or shalone or penstamin are also really nice plants for hillsides. And I like to look at the natural hillsides in my area. Ferns are always a really good choice because they really fill up the hillside. And so either if you have a nice hill and plants are falling off of the hill, just by adding more soil and some fencing or netting, it can make a big difference. And remember to be careful with types of invasive plants, for example the crown vetch has been used for soil erosion control for many years and now it's an invasive weed, it's taking over the whole country and becoming a big problem. So before you select any plants for your hillside, make sure and do your research and make sure that it couldn't become invasive in your area. And outside of that, you can build retaining walls or you can just keep planting a big mixture of plants and you will find that your hillside will be more controllable.