Harvesting Blueberries

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Harvesting blueberries at the right time of germination is easy if you know what to look for. Learn a few tips for spotting ripe blueberries from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, let's talk about harvesting the blueberries themselves. Now, today it's early April and you can see where the blossoms are just starting to come out. Here's leaves and here's clusters of blossom. Blossom, blossoms, all these are blossoms coming out and we're going to watch these and wait 'til these blueberries get to where they're about ready to come off the plant. And you know when they're ready to pick is because when you pull on that little blueberry, well, hopefully it'll be a big blueberry, it should pretty much pop off into your hand. And, if it doesn't, and you're pulling and the plants being pulled, then it's not quite ready. Also, a great way of testing to see if those blueberries are ready yet is to pick one that's really, really blue. They start out, they have a little purplish look to them but when they're ready to pick, they are very, very blue, and a great way is to pop one of them in your mouth. If it's sweet and juicy, it's ready to pick. If it still has a slight sour taste to it, then maybe you need to wait a couple more days until they're really, really ripe because they're best to be picked when they're, when they're ripe.