How to Grow Grass Along the Curb

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To grow grass along a curb, put potting soil or compost along the side of the curb and then add lots of grass seeds. Create a dented area between the curb and the grass, so water can get underneath to the grass roots, with the help of a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow grass along a curb or around rock. It's an easy thing to do just like growing any other plant. So when you are trying to grow grass around a curb or around rocks it is nice to have it flush up to the rocks and an easy way to grow grass around rocks is every Spring and Fall whenever the ground has warmed up a little bit put a bunch of potting soil or compost along the sides and into your other grass so that there is not just a straight line and then add lots of grass seed. So by killing the grass seed every Spring and Fall around the curb it can stay lush because every Summer I have found too a lot of times along the curb in the street the grass will burn because of the heat of the street so by just adding some more grass seed and some more soil it will grow lush again. It is always nice to when growing grass along a curb to make a little bit of a break between the grass and the curb so make a dent maybe one or two inches so that the water can go underneath and go into the grass and the roots can get the water because a lot of times the grass is right up to the curb and the water goes right off the curb into the street and you want to use all the water you can on your lawn.