How to Keep a Cactus as a House Plant

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A cactus can become a house plant - as long as the right steps and precautions are taken. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we are learning all about house plants, and in this segment, we will talk about how to stage your home to look like a villa in Tuscany. Now, staging your home is something that people do with brand new homes and when you go into a model home in a new development. When you go into a new home in a new development, it is always staged. It has different colors in every room and every room has a different theme. You don't have to have a brand new home to stage your house plants. I happen to have a seventies ranch, but there are still ideas that I can use to enjoy my house plants and put them on stage. Right here in my kitchen, I have a big archway; it's a seventies ranch. But, I'm using my archway and my stove area to create a stage for my cactus plants and I think they look beautiful. I've got a large Uforbia here and it's just growing taller and taller and taller and taller and I just love it. I've had it for nine years now, and I hardly take care of it at all. I just add a little bit of water here and there. I think this is a great spot for it; it seems to like it here. There's a lot of moisture in the air in the kitchen and it gets enough light because I have windows on both sides. So, right here, I have created a nice garden inside my home. Most people would put spices and teas and condiments on these shelves that are right here in the kitchen, but I've decided to put a few house plants instead. I've selected house plants to go kind of with my cactus theme. I love this container because it kind of has different colors in it. It starts with a green and fades to a blue. It really accessorizes my cactus. This planter really isn't a planter, it's a vase. It's meant to put one single bloom in it. But, I've put a cactus in there and surrounded it with purple rocks and this way it showcases my plant. It's a great way to stage my house plant. This plant too; it has some cherubs that remind me of my outside garden or some art that you would see in Europe, but it looks great in my kitchen and I love it there. When staging your house with house plants, remember to keep it simple. You can always add your favorite artwork or statue, but don't overwhelm anyone with a lot of nick-knacks. That is not going to work. Staging your home is all about simplicity and really making the house plants showcase themselves. Watch our next segment on house plants and your home.