How to Plan for Sun & Shade in Your Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda VanDeen, on behalf of Expert Village. In this section, we are talking about flower gardening. And in the segment, we are going to talk about sun and shade, and how do plants grow in sun and shade, and what are the best plants to grow in sun and shade. When it comes down to sun and shade, that's the question, everyone asks. I've come to the conclusion it has nothing to do with sun and shade, it's warm and cold. Plants do the best in a warm location. So you can have shade that's next to the street, the highway, a fence, the house, and it's really warm there because of the heat of the house, or the street or the cement. Some plants do well there because it's shady but it's warm. I can put a plant in the full hot sun next to deep forest, and it won't do well because of the cold from the forest year-round. And then there's always the side of the fence, where when the sun goes down, the fence is shaded. So there's that little strip that has afternoon shade. I can put a lot of my shade plants in that area although it's full sun most of the day, and they will still survive. So I kind of throw the whole sun and shade attitude out the door, and kind of go with warm and cold. I will plant all of my deep shade plants, like hostas and ferns and trilliums, in my forest areas, because they're never going to get a lot of sun. But any area that has filtered sun, or a little tree that's giving it some shade, I can pretty much get away with any sun plants there. So mix and match them. Try it yourself. People will adjust to change, just like your garden party. Grandma and the little babies need to be in the shade, but the teenagers love to bask in the sun. So... say enough. Go to plant. And plant all of your plants in sun or shade. Break the rules. You can always move them later. Next, we're going to address the issue of, I've planted my garden, now what do I do with the plants. Basic care.