How to Make a Colorful Garden

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Hi, this is Yolande VanDeen, on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we're talking about flower gardening. And now, in this segment, we're going to talk about color. So like throwing your party, you can go with a theme. Now you always have the Salso Meringa, or you can have a Hawaiian Luau. theme. You can have that in your garden, too. It's fun to go with themes, and it's fun to go with colors. Or you can just mix and match, and just as you attract different people in your life, you attract different plants in your life. And you just collect plants along the say and just throw them in your garden. So when we're gardening and deciding on the colors, there's lots of different options. There's the total English gorden that has lots of color, lots of different variety, plants that bloom in the spring in the fall and the summer, all year round. Or we can go with a certain color, like the red-hot theme. And red-hot's really hot right now, because it's an election year and there's lot of different things you can do with red. It stands out in your garden. You can start out with red tulips and all kinds of red peonies and different kind of shrubs that have red berries on them. Or you can go to the summer lilies that are bright red, and calla lilies, and all different types of colors that are red in your garden. And you'll attract all kinds of attention because of your red-hot garden. The thing with art, anything to do with the sun, red colors, art... I look for different colors, too. I like neutral, but sometimes in certain areas of your garden, you can do the colors, too. One section has the red-hot and then moon gardening. That is popular now, especially in the summertime when you have a nice hot day with a full moon and you can sit out on your deck. Just choose all white flowers, so you can pick spring to summer blooming white flowers, and get art related to the moon, with lots of water and circles and stars. You'll have a great moon garden. And your favorite team is the ducks, and you want to go with green and yellow, you can do all yellow and green in a section. So when you select colors, it's all about you. It's your garden party. It's your theme. So remember, you can have different sections of your garden reflect different parts of your personality, just like different parties in your life do. Or you can just ave a summer bash like I always say. And just invite your plants and all the artwork you can find into your garden and enjoy every minute of it. Next, we're going to talk about soil. How do I decided on the soil, and how much do I use in my flower garden?