Growing Herbs: Winter Tarragon Herb

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Winter tarragon is an herb that requires full sun and plenty of water. Care for winter tarragon with tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Winter tarragon is an herb that you might grow. It needs full sun to partial shade. I would say full sun for best leafing of the plant. Winter tarragon is one that your going to have a well drained soil. Often we talk about a loaming soil. It just means you are going to add extra organic matter like peat moss, either the Canadian peat, Michigan peat. But, you also want have some perlite in here too, to make sure that it drains well. Like many herbs it needs a good deal of moisture. But, you have got to let it dry a little between. If it constantly sits in water it will probably not last that long. Now this is one of the herbs that is pretty cold hearty. In fact, in most parts of the country you can leave this plant out year round. It goes through the winter season fine. Some herbs won't do that. This one will. So, it's one that you are going to have as far as fertilization. About every two to three weeks, good water soluble plant food or if your using time release there again make sure it's incorporated into the soil at planting time. Winter tarragon can be used in a number of different ways, different dishes. You can use it in different cooking. Sometimes for chicken. Sometimes for fish. Tarragon makes a nice addition to your landscape. For On Gardening. I'm Stan Defreitas , "Mr. Green Thumb".