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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of I like to talk to you about perennial gardens. Mulching your perennial border is a important thing for a couple of different reasons; one it helps to stop weeds from approaching. As you can see here we got some weeds that are starting to creep in the garden. Well one of the ways that we can help discourage that is a with a good healthy coating of mulch. We just shake some mulch out in the area, spread it around, because I don't have too many plants right here I can put it down in a fairly thick level. That is really going to help surprise the weeds and even the grass from growing back into that area. I'm using cider mulch here cause it is near my house but you can use lots of other different types of mulch. Out here in my back yard I have a liberal supplied of pine needles. Thanks for the pine tree I put over my hedge here these guys are not so much use to here in the north east but I know a lot of people down south are really fond of using my needles and you can even find them in a bag mulch down here. But my thought is make even with the sunshine and middest well make pine needles mulch, when the pine needles drop them. So think about things that you can use around your yard or around your house. I often use my compose as mulch in my vegetable gardens. Even ripped up newspapers can work great cause the mulch in your vegetable garden will help keep weeds down. Remember why we are using the mulch, if it is just to make it look good, then you are going to want to spend some money. But if you are just looking to keep weeds down then hay even black plastic is going to go a long way for keeping your garden mulch.