Designing & Landscaping a Flower Bed Area

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Designing and landscaping a flower bed can add detail to your yard, get expert landscape design tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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The first thing I want to do is define the border of the bed with the shovel. It would probably be better if I had on my tennis shoes or boots. So I’m cutting the grass, and then the next thing I want to do is remove all of the grass and weeds. This is the hard part as you can see. Especially when you have a really good bed of grass like this. You take out all the weeds and all the grass, until you get down to the dirt. Then, once you’ve removed the grass, you want to loosen the soil. You need to get all that grass out of there. Then, what you want to do is loosen the soil really well and add your mix of compost and sandy loam. This is sandy loam and compost and I had them mixed in there. About ¾ sandy loam and about ¼ compost. Then I mix it up to approximately 7 or 8 inches maybe, about 8 inches deep. So that’s how we prepare the bed.