How to Give Basic Care to Your Garden

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. We are talking about flower gardening. In this segment we are going to talk about the basic care of your flower garden, how to take care of it, what to do. And I always, again, equate it to my parties. If there's a group of people having a good time interacting with each other, and no one seems like they are not having a good time, I don't bother them. I just kind of leave them be. So if my plants are green and blooming and they look good, I leave them be. I don't fertilize them, I don't over water them. If they start to wilt just a little bit, I might water them. But really, if it is not broken don't fix it. So same thing with your parties, kind of intermix, kind of walk around. If your see another person or a plant in the corner all by itself and it is kind of wilting and not looking good, it is probably because it is lonely. So I either add another plant to that area, or I move that plant along with other plants in a different area. Just by moving your plants sometimes they do so much better. But then it goes back to my theory too: if a plant or a person is not doing what you want them to do, don't nag them. Don't keep giving them alcohol, don't nag them, and don't give them fertilizer. You just kind of just leave them be. Water them, let them dry out, and then water them. If the plants are brown and done blooming, then cut them out. So as soon as they are done blooming, I cut my plants half way and when they are down to the ground I cut them out all the way. So outside of that there is not a lot of care to my flower gardening. Just a few hours every couple weeks and I am caught up. In the next segment we are going to have a tip for you on why not to compare your flower garden to others.