Making Organic Compost & Humates for Organic Gardens

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Create your own organic compost and humates in order to assist in your garden's growth. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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This is Steve for Expert Village and today we're going to be talking about composting in organic gardening. It is very good to start a compost pile. What a compost pile is is basically any kind of clippings or trimmings from a vegetable source, leaves, grass, any of those you can stick in a pile with some soil and a compost accelerator. What that will do is it will break down those different substrates into more viable nutrients for the plants. The main thing you want to do is avoid any types of fats or animal products. Meat and those kinds of things are very bad for the plant. What you want to do is make sure you turn your compost pile over regularly. That will help cause the mulching process and decomposition process to accelerate. You need to generate a little heat. If there is no heat than your compost pile isn't really composting, so you want to make sure there is heat. Usually on a cold winter day you'll see steam coming off the compost pile. You want to make sure you water it regularly especially during these hot summer months, that way your pile will continue to decompose. Once you've created this compost you can go ahead and use it for your garden and your plants. Spread it in your garden beds and it will help your plants grow a lot better.