How to Fix Bad Soil

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Fixing bad soil requires digging out a section to fill with good soil, mulch or compost. Fix bad soil with tips from a professional gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen of We are going to talk about how to fix bad soil. Everybody comes to me and I've had the same problem, all I have is clay, everything is rock hard. I can't get anything to grow. I live at the beach, all I have is sand, can I grow right in sand, what do I do, or I live up in the mountains with just rocks, I have nothing but rocks so how do I grow plants in these conditions? So my theory on all of that is don't fix it. Work on top of it or dig some of it out and put some good soil in. It doesn't matter what you have it is going to be good on the bottom so especially clay or sand it is great. Well clay has drainage in the fact that if you put a big raised bed above it the water will just kind of go underneath the clay and leave the bag so your plant is pretty much just going to stay dry because they are up above the clay or if you have sand there is great drainage there so you don't have good soil so if you put a raised bed on top of that sand then you have got great soil with great drainage and everything is going to do really well. So pretty much you cannot fix your bad soil, give it up. You are not going to be able to fix it no matter what you do. You can add some compost to it, you can add some potting soil to it but in the end you are still going to have good soil mixed with bad soil so work on top of it. Work with a big area, maybe dig some of the bad soil out and put some good soil on top. You can buy compost, you can buy potting soil or you can buy compost or potting soil at pretty much any local garden center and it might be a little bit of money but you can buy a big truck load for not really in the scheme of things a whole lot of money. Think about how much money you put into your property and just for a few flower beds, just a couple truck loads of dirt, even one bag of dirt if you live in a little condo, you can have a gorgeous garden. So I really love raised beds and this is just composted soil that we had delivered and we put it in with a wooden bed and underneath is just rock hard compacted gravel and soil. There is really, underneath it is pretty, nothing is going to grow underneath it. But it is great because we are on a slope and it is good drainage, we are making a raised bed. I'm getting the heat of the sun coming in and everything is going to do really well. You can fix your poor soil by putting good soil on top of it so even the worst clay or sand if you put compost or potting soil on top of it it will work its way down and a lot of times it will gradually break everything up and as the plants grow and they have their healthy roots into the good soil, the roots will eventually get into the bad soil and enrich it as well. So pretty much there is no excuse that you can't plant there or if I have bad soil, I have good soil, I have bad soil in my yard, I work with both and either way I have a gorgeous garden.