Supplies & Tools for Growing Mexican Heather: Home Gardening Tips & Advice

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Learn what gardening supplies & tools you need to grow Mexican heather in your garden, with beginner tips & advice in this free home gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Now for this project what materials and supplies do you need? Well for starters we definitely need our Mexican Heathers, we need a water hose, you need to get a hold of some mulch. When it comes to mulch just keep in mind that you have a selection, you can buy shredded, medium size or in nuggets. I prefer to buy the nuggets, it appears like it maintains the moisture a little bit later and it won't wash out when you water the plant or whenever you get some rain, it's a matter of choices. You're going to need a little bit of top soil as well, guess what? A little bit of that Christmas wreath, I always use it for my project, it helps maintain the moisture when you mix it with the top soil and of course my infamous coffee grains, I mean they're just great for the plant. Now, we're going to need the regular shovel and always have a handy one, you know the baby shovel as well and remember we always soak up our plants so we're going to need a container. Where do we purchase our supplies and materials? Well for starters when it comes to the plant, just go to your mama and papa's flea market perhaps and even the internet. Just get creative, once you're there just make your selection, remember you have your choice of color, purple or white. Where do we buy the rest of the materials? Well for best prices and to stay in the budget, just go to your nearest home improvement centers you'll find everything there for great prices. Well this is all the basics of the materials and supplies that we need for planting Mexican Heathers.