How Do Nonflowering Plants Reproduce?

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Nonflowering plants reproduce by sending out seed pods, runners or new shoots that anchor in the ground and form new plants. Learn how plants, like the Douglass fir and curly willow, have the ability to clone themselves with information from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda, from, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how nonflowering plants reproduce. Now, we all know about flowers, and flower bulbs and flowering bushes. They all make these beautiful blooms, and then they make seeds, and they reproduce by their flowers, but how do plants that don't have a flower, reproduce? It's actually pretty simple, and although they might not have a flower in the sense that we know of a flower, a lot of them will still make seed pods, in different ways. For example, this Douglas Fir Tree right here. When it gets very big and mature, it will make pine cones. For example, this Douglas Fir Tree right here, when it grows and gets to be mature, it will make pine cones, and those pine cones are filled with seeds, and as that breaks down, they'll start new starts, and the seeds will grow into more babies, so pine trees don't even need a flower, to bloom. That's the glory of them. They're very beautiful, they produce their own seeds, so they're very easy, easy to multiply. Now, other plants, like curly willow, don't really have a bloom at all. They're just a big tree, that kind of cascades, but they're amazing, in that every little piece of curly willow, will root itself, so it doesn't even need a seed. It doesn't even need a bloom, to reproduce, so even a stick will fall off of the tree, and some mulch or its leaves itself, in the fall, will fall over it, creating its own mulch, and it will make another plant, so a lot of plants will multiply, or just grow, just off of starts, so even if a branch falls off the tree, and lands into some nice, earthy soil, it will grow a new plant, without a flower. It's quite amazing. Plants have the ability to clone themselves, and they don't even need to have a flower, or a mate most of the time, and most plants in the world, whether they either send runners out, that start new shoots, if they don't bloom, they throw down cones, or even the branches themselves can start new plants. They are very easy to grow, whether they bloom or not.