How to Prepare the Soil to Plant and Grow Snapdragons: Gardening Tips

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener. Today I am here to represent I am going to guide you step by step how to prepare your soil for your snapdragons. Basically what we need is a large container so that we are able to incorporate the soil, the commoner, also our homemade compost and a little bit of acid. So let's start by adding some potting soil first. Get a good amount here. I had already started with some potting soil so that is all we need for right now. It's a little bit more than half-way up this pot. We are only going to add 2 scoops of cow manure at a time. The commoner tends to be strong; it's so strong that it will just kill the plants, the roots and that's not what we want to do. Normally what they say it is between 1 and 2 pounds for every square feet that you are going to be mixing. So just be careful with that for this particular project. Now compost, normally you can purchase at any gardening center. Why purchase that when you already have it at home. It's already in your ground. It consists of is dry leaves; I have the this from last year which is fantastic. Just pull it apart and more leaves and what compost does is that it releases all those nutrients that they roots is craving. I need that little medication. It's all in there, save some money. Stay in the budget. Just incorporate all this. There we go and of course, I'm known for using acid and of course once again, don't purchase the acid. If you are a coffee drinker. you are already producing acid at home and every time that you drink coffee, you are going to have the leftovers of the coffee grinds, so there it is, just get a little bit of that, incorporate it with your soil, mix it extremely well, mix it and I think we are doing. So this is how we prepare our soil for our project.