Plants for Container Gardening

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Plants that work well for container gardening include annuals, which bloom in the spring and summer but die by the winter, perennial flowers and trees and shrubs. Find the perfect plants for any container garden with helpful advice from a professional... View Video Transcript

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When you're choosing your plants for your container garden, the most common plants that you're going to use will be annuals. Annuals are those plants that live for one growing season, so there's something that you might plant in the spring and it will live through the summer but will die by the winter time. So when you're going to your nursery or your garden center if you're going to be planting the container, primarily you'll be using plants such as these that will live during the spring or the summer and it will provide a tremendous amount of color for your container garden. In addition to using annuals in your container garden is you can also branch out and use lots of other different types of plants, these happen to be perennials, and it's perfectly okay to use these in your container garden, this is a beautiful columbine which is a great addition to a container garden. Additionally you can also use something like these cone flowers, it just depends on what your taste are, what's available at the garden center and what you want to see out of your container for the year. So don't be afraid to use perennials in addition to the annuals that you would choose for your container. In addition to using annuals and perennials in your container you can also use trees and shrubs.