Gardening Tools & Supplies for a Corner Garden

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Learn what materials you need for a corner garden. Getting gardening tools, and supplies you'll need to plant a garden. Getting a bucket, shovels, a Mexican Palm and mixing top soil and Mulch. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name Jose Zuniga, I'm representing You're probably wondering what materials and supplies do we need for this project? Don't worry I will guide you through that. Well for starters I know its not in the view, but we need a Mexican Fan Palm. That one happens to be right next to the house, we're going to transplant that palm and it'll be like a new baby for us. Do you remember that I mentioned vincas? Well I purchased 4 beautiful vincas, they come in a 4 pack, so 4 of them should be fine. You know what we need as well? Bricks, because after all we're referring to this project as a corner palm garden and what we need to do is we need to separate it from the neighbors and my property, they're going to come in handy. Yup, we need that big bucket as well, we're going to submerge big palm tree there You know what? You're probably wondering is he ever going to mention that Christmas wreath? Well yes I am, if you happen to have one from last year, just recycle it they come real handy when you mix it with the soil and of course we need some dead leaves as always. You know what? Here's a little baby shovel, papa shovel, there we go we have a big papa shovel right here and we're also going to use the rake. Yeah, you're wondering, I'm on top of the mulch. Definitely going to need some mulch and some top soil and you know what? You can also purchase some palm food and some fungus, I couldn't get any today for this project, but I'm going to share a secret with you. In this bottle I have water with Ivory soap, I'll tell you more in details later why we need this. Don't worry there's a lot of materials, I know and supplies, but we'll survive this wonderful task for today. These are the materials and supplies that we need for our corner palm garden.