How to Properly Lay Down Mulch for Garlic Plants

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Understanding how to properly place mulch for garlic plants can aid in its growth. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So now we are going to spread some mulch. You've got your garlic planted; it's starting to get cold outside. Its frosted a few times already and the ground is probably even a little crusty. As a little frost in the ground, and that is just about the time you want to do it. Now what we are doing is putting a nice blanket of straw right over the crop. You'll want it nice and fluffy. What this is doing is keeping the ground from fluctuating in temperature over the winter. So it doesn’t warm up and start growing on warm spells or it doesn't get too cold way down deep where the garlic is. This will keep it nice and consistent. You'll want it a good six to eight inches thick. It's going to mat down by the time the snow comes and winter rains and what not. It's going to pack this down.